Relaxing environment. Experienced massage therapist. Able to remove all the knots without tickling me off the table.

Alex M.

Very friendly and thorough! Love her and her service is great!

Nicole M.

Awesome massage. My neck and arm symptoms are so much better afterwards. Lisa really listens to my requests!

Julie F.


Paula M.

I never thought I was the “Lash Extension” type of person, I thought it was for the more high maintence type,,but I had Rayanna put them on over a year ago and love them. Ray knows what she is doing and when I leave my appointments I feel calm and Beautiful!! I will never go anywhere else because of Ray.


The best spa experience ever. Love, love, love them!

Joan M.

I came in for body sculpting, it was the second time and the experience was good better than the first, possibly because I knew what to expect! Rayanna was fast at preparation and she stayed with me to keep me company and comfortable. She was very attentive and knowledgeable on the equipment & questions I had on the procedure. She gave after care instructions and information on getting the best results.


Kiersten is a healer. She healed my foot when a doctor couldn’t. Her work is time and time again expert, strategic and intuitive.

Mahlon M.