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Eyelash extensions can define your eyes and help give you a boost in confidence. The lash experts at Pure Escape Med Spa in Kent, Washington, provide a wide variety of personalized eyelash services, from tinting to individual extensions. Get the lashes of your dreams by booking your appointment today. Click on the online scheduler or call the medical spa directly.

Eyelash Extensions Q & A

How can I get fuller lashes?

Gone are the days when your only option for getting fuller, thicker, more luxurious lashes was to pile on thick and clumpy mascara. With so many lash treatments available nowadays, you can enhance your natural lashes and define your eyes, without makeup. Some of the most popular lash services offered at Pure Escape Med Spa include:

  • Eyelash tinting
  • Volume lash full set
  • Individual lash extensions (full set or lower lash set)


To help enhance your lashes and make your eyes appear more defined, you can also pair your lash service with a brow treatment. The aesthetic experts at Pure Escape Med Spa offer eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping, and even microblading.

What happens during an eyelash extension service?

During your eyelash extension service appointment at Pure Escape Med Spa, your aesthetic specialist sits and talks with you about what you’d like to achieve. They make recommendations based on your lashes and any concerns you may have. Once you decide on which type of lash extensions you’d like — they range in shape, length, and color — all you have to do is lie back and relax.

Your aesthetician carefully applies your lash extensions one-by-one and uses a specialized skin glue to bind them into place. They secure the extensions in place over your natural lashes, so your new lashes blend in seamlessly.

A full eyelash extension service takes about an hour; partial sets and fills are quicker. Once your lashes are in place, your lash specialist counsels you on how to care for them and how to help them last for as long as possible.

Are eyelash extensions permanent?

Individual eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that not only look natural, but they’re also known for being very long lasting. With proper care, your beautiful new lash extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Your eyelash extensions fall out over time just like your natural lashes. Once they start thinning out, you simply come back to Pure Escape Med Spa for fills.

Book your eyelash extension consultation at Pure Escape Med Spa by clicking on the online scheduler. You can also call the med spa to speak with a team member.