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The groundbreaking technology behind SculpSure® destroys fat and contours your body, without surgery. At Pure Escape Med Spa in Kent, Washington, you can get SculpSure treatments on the most problematic of areas, including your thighs and midsection. Schedule your body contouring consultation by clicking on the online scheduler or by calling the med spa directly.

SculpSure Q & A

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-surgical fat reduction system that uses heat energy to destroy adipose (fat) tissue deep below the surface of your skin. This revolutionary body contouring treatment involves applying an adjustable belt to your treatment area and attaching the SculpSure applicators.

As these applicators rest over your skin, they send out waves of heat energy. This energy penetrates through your skin and heats up fat cells to a point where they break apart. Since these former fat particles are no longer viable, your body recognizes them as waste.

Your lymphatic system jumps into action and immediately begins flushing all of those fat pieces out through waste. Within a few weeks, you start noticing that your targeted area is slimmer, firmer, and more defined.

Which areas can SculpSure treat?

Because SculpSure is noninvasive, it’s safe and effective for targeting fat deposits just about anywhere on your body where fat tends to accumulate. You can get SculpSure treatments on your:

  • Belly and flanks
  • Chin and jawline
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Back, including along your bra line


SculpSure is FDA-cleared and has been heavily tested by medical experts for years. No matter which area makes you feel self-conscious, the SculpSure packages Pure Escape Med Spa offers might be the right solution.

How long does it take to get results from SculpSure?

Even though SculpSure immediately targets fat cells — a single session can destroy up to 24% of fat cells from the treated area — results take time. Within about three to six weeks after your SculpSure session at Pure Escape Med Spa, you should notice the treated area is more defined. It can take up to 12 weeks for you to experience more dramatic results.

In most cases, you only need a single SculpSure session at Pure Escape Med Spa to achieve the body of your dreams. But if you have more stubborn fat or want to have additional areas treated, you can always come back in for additional SculpSure body contouring sessions.

Find out if SculpSure is right for you by booking a body contouring evaluation at Pure Escape Med Spa today. Schedule online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.